Ocean Freight Services

The strength of Vikah Logistics’ global network together with local expertise is the best way to avoid local problems

At Vikah Logistics we work with selected quality carriers offering multiple shipping options, competitive transit times and maximized container availability. The combination of our global reach, local expertise and personal service helps your company reach your goals through efficient logistics.

Our freight shipping services include:

  • Weekly consolidations to and from 500 destinations worldwide
  • Multiple options and space allocations with selected carriers
  • Special equipment based on customers’ needs
  • Flexibility both in transit times & departures
  • Reliable, attractive and long term partnerships  to our suppliers
  • SOP’s with all core carriers

We offers a full range of ocean freight services

  • Port to Port
  • Door to Door
  • LCL
  • Buyers consolidation
  • Cross trade – including assistance with documentation requirements both at origin and/or destination
  • Reefer – Temperature control (chilled or frozen)
  • Emergency and relief cargo
  • Restricted and hazardous goods
  • Projects
  • Charter
  • Customs clearance


Global Air Freight Services

We have global agreements with all major Airlines with whom we, in close partnership, ensure a dedication in the service to our customers. We take the time to understand your specific needs and tailor our services to match your shipping requirements. It is our aim to have you rely on Vikah Logistics to take care of your cargo, which enable you to have full focus on your business improvement.

Vikah Logistics offer a full range of air freight forwarding services

  • Airport to Airport
  • Door to Door
  • Consolidation
  • Direct shipments
  • Temperature control (Chilled or Frozen)
  • Onboard courier
  • Restricted and Hazardous goods
  • Courier
  • Combination of Sea & Air
  • Full charter
  • Part charter
  • Customs clearance


We offer these concepts within air freight


You can select from Vikah Logistics’ product portfolio the needs for your individual shipment. We handle all requirements from onboard courier to economy-consolidated solutions, subject to the essential transit time matching your needs. No matter what, we always carry your goods on selected flights from A to B.

Customs clearance

Let Vikah Logistics take care of your clearances!

Own professional clearance team

Vikah Logistics has a professional clearance team, who ensure that our customers use as few resources as possible on clearance. The team handles clearances for all ports in India

As experts in customs clearance, we ensure you better liquidity and less trouble. We work in close dialogue with our customers, giving us the most optimal conditions for choosing the right tariffs and the optimal calculation forms, ensuring the best solutions and combinations.

Ensuring correct classification

Our expertise covers areas such as plain purchases, inward processing, outward processing, preferential customs and customs warehousing.
Based on our customers’ product descriptions and our expertise, you are sure to get the correct tariff number for new as well as existing products. We follow the trends closely in regards to product codes, tariffs and trade regulations of anti-dumping and we offer you the best possible options whenever an opportunity arises.
Wrong classification might mean you pay more than necessary or pay too little and risk delays and fines. We ensure you get the right solutions according to legislation in India.

Project and Heavy Lift

Project & Heavy Project Logistics: On time, on budget, anywhere in the world!

Are you looking to safely move your project cargo? Our ‘Project Engineers’, specialists, and experts all design solutions to simplify large-scale project logistics – on time, on budget, and with the least amount of risk possible – even in the most difficult to operate in regions of the world.

  • Renewable Energy, On- & Offshore
  • Refining / Oil & Gas
  • International turn-key projects
  • Power Generation
  • Mining & Manufacturing Industry
  • Steel/Raw Materials/Break Bulk
  • Capital Equipment
  • Balance of Plant (BOP)
  • Many Others

The next time you require a global, agile, and flexible partner to service your project forwarding needs, we have the proven track record to back your decision. From single, over-dimensional transports to multi-year, multi-origin full projects, our project professionals have the ‘local knowledge’, contacts and experience to deliver you total project logistics solutions throughout the world.

Project & Heavy Lift Logistics

  • Ocean and Air – Liner and Chartering procurement
  • Inland Transportation: Road/Rail/Waterway
  • Export Packing/Marshalling Facilities
  • Laydown Yards/Interim to Long-Term Storage
  • Specialty Equipment: Truck/Crane/Barge/Etc
  • Maintenance for Long-Term Stored Materials
  • Milestone Tracking
  • Complete Project Transportation and Logistics
  • Pre-Contract & Planning Support

Parcel & Express

There’s an easier way to deliver! Logistics challenges can be complex. We make them easier. Access all the solutions you need, all in one place. Simply choose your transit time and rate, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Our strengths, your advantages

  • Multiple carriers, one system
  • Expert in complex deliveries
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Fast resolution of issues

We’re ready to deliver your solution, tailored to your specific needs.

Your delivery challenges, solved:

Whatever you need, wherever you need it, we deliver. Our user-friendly staff  gives you easy access to our full range of import and export services including rates, multiple carriers, time in transit, and more.

Rail transport:

Vikah Logistics offer a reliable, environmental friendly between Ports and ICD’s.

With our railway solution, we offer transport from all major Ports to Inland Container Depots.
A stable and flexible rail service that brings your cargo safely from Port to ICD’s.

Road Transport & Delivery Services:

Optimizing your road transport

Whether you have a single pallet, a few pallets, a full load or odd-sized goods, we are able to help you deliver the goods safely to your customers.

Our flexible set-up enables us to optimize your road transport – by using a combination of own trucks and sub-contractors we are able meet the fluctuation in the market with short notice.

Warehousing & Storage Services

Tailored warehouse and storage solutions

By analyzing and recognizing your needs we can offer a tailored solution, whether you are looking for storage in bulk, on shelves, in racks or with special security standards.

Are you in a market where you need the possibility to expand or have seasonal fluctuations?  we can meet these needs by providing a flexible warehouse solution and giving you a logistical advantage.To outsource your company’s logistics service is a big decision and requires a third party logistics provider with proven expertise. In Vikah Logistics we have the experience to support your business and can challenge your process from supplier’s producer to customer’s customer in order to get an even more efficient supply chain.

Freight Shipping Insurance Protection

Protect your freight shipments with cargo insurance.Vikah has teamed up with Major Insurance Companies which offers comprehensive shipment coverage to protect your important freight shipments. Coverage through Vikah reduces the financial risks associated with loss or damage during transit.

Shipping insurance through Vikah offers these benefits:

  • Affordable coverage that reduces the financial risks of loss or damage to your cargo
  • Simple claims process that delivers efficient resolution and settlement

With the transactional cargo insurance program, covered losses are valued at the amount of the invoice plus 10%* – and the coverage applies to any freight carrier you choose, including multi-modes of transport.

Do I Need Freight Cargo Insurance?
A common misconception is that shipments are automatically insured by the carrier through their limits of liability. The truth is, carrier liability is NOT insurance and it may not protect the full value of your shipment. Carrier liability has limits based on the condition of the items being shipped and the class of the freight–regardless of the actual value of the shipment.

Cargo Insurance Coverage vs. Carrier Liability Coverage

If your shipment has Freight Insurance:

  • You get back the full value of your shipment!
  • Shipping insurance claims are typically paid in 30 days or less.
  • There is no need to prove carrier negligence.

If your shipment has Carrier Liability:

  • You may not get back the full value of your shipment because each carrier has its limits on reimbursement based on freight condition and class of freight.
  • Carrier limits of liability don’t have any specific deadline to issue the payment of a claim.
  • Carrier negligence must be proven, and the delivery receipt should include notice of damage upon arrival. If you discover damage after the driver leaves, report it within 5 days and file a claim within 15.
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